New Gate at Forest Entrance

New gates have been installed at the ends of that section of Fairmount Blvd. that traverses the forest of Hendricks Park. The Friends of Hendricks Park has been advocating for this infrastructure improvement for several years.

The gates afford new opportunities to better manage the forested areas of the park. The gates could be closed during extremely dry periods in summer, when fire becomes a danger. The gates could also be closed to control illegal, overnight camping when it becomes a problem; the forested section of the park is technically closed at night. Finally, the gates could be closed to allow special day events in the park, such as car-free Sundays on Fairmount Blvd. for family strolling and biking during the spring and summer months. Any closure would be temporary, and fire fighting access to the neighborhood will not be hindered.

New Gate near Picnic Area