About Us

Who We Are

Friends of Hendricks Park is a membership-based 501(c)(3) organization, committed to stewardship and restoration in Hendricks Park.

Founded in 2001, we support volunteer programs, educational lectures and tours in the Park, and participate in public/private partnerships with the City of Eugene’s Parks & Open Space department.

FoHP currently has approximately 300 members who support the Friends and volunteer in the Park.

Board of Directors

  • Erik Fisher (President)
  • Rachel Foster (Vice-President)
  • Val Close (Secretary)
  • David Moon (Treasurer)
  • Sandra Austin, Beth Copeland, Svevo Brooks, Art Farley, Bob Bumstead and Christine Goldberg


  • Volunteer Coordinator: Provision of funding for a significant part of a Volunteer Coordinator position, in partnership with Eugene Parks & Open Space. This position supported over 4700 volunteer hours last year
  • New Swings: Installation of new swings to replace the historic set of swings near the parking area
  • Rock Garden: Revitalization of the garden, including new stone steps
  • Endowments: Creation of four separate Endowments: General, Forest, Native Plant Garden and Rhododendron Garden now available for donations
  • Azalea Lace Bug: Eradication efforts continue with our support
  • Native Plant Garden: Installation of new plantings and species labeling
  • Forest: The Friends has coordinated a volunteer effort to remove ivy and secondary invaders for nearly 20 years.