Volunteers with the Free the Forest and Forest Keepers programs have been busy in the forest in recent months, removing invasive species and clearing spaces around new plantings. Free the Forest meets the first Saturday morning of every month, while Forest Keepers is limited to smaller groups working on detailed tasks every Saturday morning. You can join the Forest Keepers any Saturday this spring. Just use this link to sign up

Volunteers have also been busy in the garden areas of the park. New rhododendrons have been planted in the expanded bed honoring Harold Greer on the main loop of the Rhododendron Garden. Of late, Tuesday morning crews have been working their way up the trail along Summit Blvd., weeding and removing blackberry. The pesky celandine is in full bloom. Every one of these plants that we pull realizes a reduction in herbicide use from years past, when this weed was a prime target for herbicidal control.  With the pandemic (hopefully) waning, coffee and treats are served again during the morning break, a time to catch up with other volunteers and enjoy the park.

In the Native Plant Garden, volunteers on Thursday afternoons have continued weeding in our upland meadow areas, clearing debris, and planting delphiniums and camas that were started from seed in our lath house.  Volunteers also donned their safety gear and weeded and mulched the garden’s edge along Floral Hill Rd.  It is exciting to see this garden grow, with the spring greening in full swing.

Don’t forget you are always welcome to join!