Over the past past month, volunteers in the Rhododendron Garden have made great headway weeding beds along Skyline Dr and in the McCready Arbor area. They freed several rhododendrons, big and small, from encroaching snowberry. Others have spread yards of mulch around the rock garden after removing the grass.  Mounds of nipplewort, bed straw, and grasses have been removed. There are always weeding, digging and mulching projects to pursue.

In the Native Plant Garden, patient volunteers have been teasing non-native grasses out of native grasses and edging and mulching all the garden beds. Volunteers have weeded beds and pruned back foliage along Floral Hill Dr. The recently planted wildflower bed near the shelter is thriving.

It takes a mighty fine group of people to volunteer in the waves of heat and grass pollen that we have seen recently in Eugene. We are grateful to those of you who were able to show up in support of the gardens.

A reminder that if our regular Tuesday and Thursday times don’t work for you, but you’re still interested in volunteering in the gardens this summer, then Emily Aune would be thrilled to set you up with a watering route to hand water some of our newest plantings.  See you in the park!