It’s remarkably beautiful right now at Hendricks Park. The rhododendrons and companion plants are bursting with color, native plants are slowly unveiling themselves, and the trees are fuller with every passing day.

The first park-wide volunteer May Day celebration was held on May 1st, with simultaneous projects in the Rhododendron Garden, Forest, and Picnic Area. Forty-three volunteers spruced up the park while celebrating the fullness of spring.

On Tuesdays in the Rhododendron Garden, our core group of regulars, along with new volunteers, have transformed the lower reaches of Barto’s Path from a weedy jungle to a showy garden bed. Others mulched up a storm, while a group of UO students continued work in the picnic area, painting tables and weeding.

On Thursdays in the Native Plant Garden, hard-working volunteers have pulled so many weeds that the garden and gardener alike are both breathing a little better – a true accomplishment.

Contributed in part by Christina Bentrup, Volunteer Coordinator at Hendricks Park.