This spring, Friends of Hendricks Park and Hendricks Park Volunteer Coordinator Christina Bentrup started an effective new Adopt a Plot program to keep the beautiful forested area of the park healthy and ivy-free.

Volunteers are assigned small areas of the park that have recently been cleared of ivy and other invasive species. They commit to traipsing through their area three to four times a year looking for ivy and removing it before it has a chance to spread. The work can be done at any time that is convenient—weekends, early mornings, lunchtimes. It’s the perfect way to contribute to the health of the park while maintaining all the safety precautions needed during this time of COVID-19.

Six plots have already been adopted, and more “prime” plots are still waiting. Early adopters Val and Dan Close report, “It’s so satisfying to walk by our area and see the healthy ferns and wildflowers flourishing and to know that we had a tiny role in maintaining this area of the forest.”

If you are interested in this unique and valuable way to maintain the health of the native forest of Hendricks Park, contact Christina Bentrup at 541-510-4636 or