The surprise volunteer news this spring was the departure of Christina Bentrup, who had been serving as Volunteer Coordinator at the park. She gave much energy and leadership to the Tuesday Morning Rhododendron Garden group, navigating the Covid-19 pandemic and keeping volunteers engaged and safe. Christina headed up an effort to improve and expand the Native Plant Garden with the Thursday Afternoon volunteer group, as well.

Until a replacement for Christina is found, Emily Aune, head gardener for the park, has stepped in to coordinate volunteers and seems to be enjoying herself working with the various groups. There is always work to do, and volunteers have been having at it each week. The spring season always brings beautiful blooms and bountiful weeds; our damp spring produced a bumper crop of both this year.

Important News: The Native Plant Garden work parties on Thursdays will meet in the mornings from 9:00 am until 12:00 pm through mid-September to avoid our often hot afternoons.

If you have the time, come join one or both of the regular volunteer groups meeting on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. You’ll make new friends, see old ones, and help keep Hendricks Park the beautiful place that it is.