Bleeding Heart

The common bleeding heart (Lamprocapnos spectabilis) gets its name from its heart-shaped, white or pink flowers that dangle like pendulous drops from a slender stem. Bleeding hearts are woodland plants that like the shade and bloom in the cool of spring. Although they stay in bloom for several weeks, the plants often disappear in the summer when exposed to sun or heat. The roots stay alive, and the plant will regrow in the following spring.

Many things are blooming in the Rhododendron Garden now. To help you learn to identify some of them, Denise Rubenstein has created a game for you. Attached to the kiosk in the garden you will find laminated sheets entitled “What’s Bloomin’ Hunt”. On each sheet you will find nine plants and flowers found in the Rhododendron Garden. Take a sheet and a marker and walk around the garden searching for the plants on the sheet. When you find one you can mark the box by the plant. When done, return the sheet to the kiosk, erasing your mark so the sheet will be ready for the next person. This is a great way to introduce a young person to the variety of plants found in Hendricks Park. Have fun!