Fawn Lily

Fawn lilies (Erythronium spp.) are among our most beautiful spring wildflowers. There is a variety of species, mostly found in North America with several in Oregon. The cream-colored Oregon fawn lily (E. oregonum, shown here) is the most common species in western Oregon and in Hendricks Park. In the Rhododendron Garden, you will also find the pink coast fawn lily (E. revolutum).

Both species do very well in gardens, and, in moist areas with summer shade, they will multiply readily by seed. The plants are dormant summer through winter and need little care. Don’t attempt to dig bulbs out of the ground, as the bulbs go very deep. Plants are usually available from native plant dealers.  

The name fawn lily is attributed to markings on the leaves, spotted like a young deer. The leaves of some species are more fawn-like than others.

 A path in the Native Plant Garden forest, early spring.