A snow storm at the end of December briefly transformed the park into a monochromatic wonderland. Fortunately, there was very little damage to trees and other plants from the storm.

The Birthday Match fundraising challenge to celebrate the Friend’s twentieth year was a resounding success. We received over $26,000 in donations, more than matching the $25,000 challenge donation. We will be using these funds for a variety of projects in the forested part of Hendricks Park. Thank you very much to all of you who contributed to this effort to support and improve the park. We will keep you informed as to how the funds are used over the upcoming years.

Another indication of support for Hendricks Park can be seen in the report of volunteer hours logged at the park this past year. A new record was set of over 6500 volunteer hours, spread across the gardens and forest work parties. This is equivalent to the work of over three full-time employees. Again, thanks to all those that contributed. The park is looking better and better, but there is always much more to do. Come join us Tuesday mornings in the Rhododendron Garden, Thursday afternoons in the Native Plant Garden, or on Saturdays in the Forest, as shown in the Volunteer calendar on the Friends of Hendricks Park website.

As you can see, spring is coming soon!