Clematis montana “Rubens”

What a treat to see this draping wall of flowers in the spring. Hanging from the White Oak at the center of the main lawn of the Rhododendron Garden, it has undoubtedly played a prominent role in many family portraits. It’s very happy where it is, with its head in the sun and feet in the shade.

From Wikipedia: “Clematis montana (mountain clematis, also Himalayan clematis) is a flowering plant in the buttercup family Ranunculaceae. A vigorous deciduous climber, in late spring it is covered with a mass of small blooms for a period of about four weeks. The flowers are white or pink, four-petalled, with prominent yellow anthers. It is native to mountain areas of Asia from Afghanistan to Taiwan.” The “Rubens” variety has become a popular garden plant.

This month many things are blooming in the garden, including, of course, the azaleas.