In recent weeks, volunteers have weeded, edged, mulched, and then weeded some more around the main loop of the Rhododendron Garden and down Barto’s path. Last week, they moved to the xeric meadow and rock creek bed to keep sprucing things up for spring.

In the Native Plant Garden, volunteers completed a new trail, weeded many buckets of celandine, and continued finding signs of emerging spring natives everywhere.  We’re excited to make progress on a new planting bed near the shelter.

The root of the invasive celandine plant, pulled by
volunteers at Hendricks Park, Eugene, Oregon. February 2021. Photo by Alice C. Walsh

In upcoming weeks, volunteer opportunities in the Rhododendron and Native Plant Gardens will focus on weeding annuals and beautifying small plots as we move throughout the areas. There will be options for fine weeding, rough weeding, and probably a bonus mulching or trail project, as well. 

In the Forest, volunteers will transition to trailside invasive species removal projects, allowing the interior forest to remain untrampled. Weekly Forest Keeper events will move throughout the forest to tackle more nuanced projects in smaller areas.

In honor of May Day and the soon to follow Mother’s Day, we’re hoping to initiate an annual volunteer event on May 1st. We’ll have COVID-safe volunteer opportunities running simultaneously throughout the park.  Mark your calendar now!