Endowment Funds :

The Friends of Hendricks Park has partnered with the Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) to create four endowment funds: the Friends of Hendricks Park General Endowment Fund, the Native Plant Garden Endowment Fund, the Rhododendron Garden Endowment Fund, and the Forest Endowment Fund. With OCF’s stewardship and long-term investment program, our endowment funds will be maintained in perpetuity to provide a stable stream of income to provide stewardship for Hendricks Park through education, restoration, and community support.

With this partnership, we are able to offer our donors the opportunity to make a permanent gift to ensure future funding for our work. Through OCF, Friends of Hendricks Park is able to accept gifts such as securities, personal property, and real property upon approval of OCF’s gift acceptance committee. We are also able to offer our donors the option of making a planned gift, often called a deferred gift that will ultimately benefit our endowment fund. OCF staff works with our staff and donors to create bequests, charitable remainder trusts (CRT) and gift annuities

A bequest, made through the donor’s will or living trust, is the most direct form of planned gift. Bequests are easy to establish and the estate receives a tax deduction for 100% of the value of the gift.

CRTs and gift annuities are planned gifts that allow a donor to make a gift to Friends of Hendricks Park, enjoy income for life or a specified number of years, and obtain an income or estate tax benefit. Assets remaining at the termination of the trust or gift annuity will be added to the Friends of Hendricks Park General Endowment Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation to provide ongoing support for Friends of Hendricks Park.

The Oregon Community Foundation is a statewide nonprofit organization that administers permanent charitable funds established through gifts from individuals, families, businesses and other organizations. OCF currently administers over 1500 permanent funds with assets over $1 billion.

Please call (541) 607-4066 to discuss how you can help build our endowment and support the stewardship of Hendricks Park through education, restoration and community support for the future.