The Park

Hendricks Park is Eugene’s first city park, established in 1906. Its 78 acres is comprised of three main areas: (1) the Rhododendron Garden; (2) the new Native Plant Garden; and (3) the urban forest.


Animal control is important in the Park: In the Rhododendron Garden and Native Plant Garden dogs are not allowed. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times elsewhere in the Park and must stay on the trails, to prevent the spread of weeds and other invasive plants and to protect restored areas.


The hours of the Park are 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.


Park Rules - For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, the following activities and items are prohibited: over-night camping, unleashed dogs, out-of-control dogs, not picking up and disposing of your dog’s waste, drinking or possession of alcohol, glass containers, fire grills or stoves, firearms, weapons or fireworks, operating motor vehicles outside of designated roads or parking lots, damaging any city property.


Fire Hazard: Remember that the forest in particular becomes very dry in the summer, so please avoid any activities that would jeopardize the Park or the surrounding area.


Renting the F.M. Wilkins Shelter: The shelter is available for rental for groups of 50 or less. To rent the W.S. Wilkins Shelter for picnics or other events, please contact Parks & Open Spaces, City of Eugene. (see website www.eugene-or.gov/1941/Reserve-a-Park).