About Us

Who We Are

Friends of Hendricks Park is a membership-based 501(c)(3) organization, committed to stewardship and restoration in Hendricks Park.

Founded in 2001, we support volunteer programs, educational lectures and tours in the Park, and participate in public/private partnerships with the City of Eugene’s Parks & Open Space department.

FoHP currently has approximately 300 members who support the Friends and volunteer in the Park.

Hendricks Park is famous for its Rhododendron garden These fifteen acres of the park have a number of intertwining paths that circle a main lawn and curl through stands of rhododendron and other flowering plants. Spring is the prime season for enjoying this part of the park, with Mother’s Day bringing an annual celebration hosted by the Friends. The broad variety of species bloom throughout the year.

The Forest, comprising over 50 acres of the park, provide for a hiking experience amid nature. An effort to remove ivy and other non-native species, which has been spearheaded by the Friends, has yielded an open environment among the tall Douglas Firs.

Finally, the Native Plant Garden, covering 5 acres in the area surrounding the historic Wilkins Shelter, has been undergoing significant expansion and diversification in recent years with the generous support of the Friends. Planting and labeling of native species allows for an educational experience when exploring this intimate part of the park.

Board of Directors

  • Erik Fisher (President)
  • Rachel Foster (Vice-President)
  • Jim Beyer (Secretary)
  • David Moon (Treasurer)
  • Sandra Austin, Beth Copeland, Svevo Brooks, Art Farley, Val Close, Bob Bumstead and Christine Goldberg


  • Volunteer Coordinator: Provision of funding for a significant part of a Volunteer Coordinator position, in partnership with Eugene Parks & Open Space. This position supported over 4700 volunteer hours last year
  • New Swings: Installation of new swings to replace the historic set of swings near the parking area
  • Rock Garden: Revitalization of the garden, including new stone steps
  • Endowments: Creation of four separate Endowments: General, Forest, Native Plant Garden and Rhododendron Garden now available for donations
  • Azalea Lace Bug: Eradication efforts continue with our support
  • Native Plant Garden: Installation of new plantings and species labeling
  • Forest: The Friends has coordinated a volunteer effort to remove ivy and secondary invaders for nearly 20 years.